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  1. Erik x Xilent (REFUND)
  2. Skoll x Nix ( Refs )
  3. Female x Skittles
  4. Monstermash x Svin
  5. Corset x Bones

Do litters 2-5 AFTER finishing a few more hand-drawn babies


  1. Circus x This (x1)
  2. Raspberry x This guy (x2) (REFUND)
  3. Raspberry x This one (x1) Sketched
  4. Raspberry x That one (x1) Sketched
  5. Raspberry x Scoop (x1) (REFUND)
  6. Erik x Premonition (x3)
  7. Harlowe x Zahi (x1) Sketched
  8. Harlowe x Cassie (x1)
  9. Harlowe x Aideen (x1)


  1. Nautical themed dog for The-Doomed-Helmsman
  2. Egyptian themed Opticanis for Val

Litters Between MY Characters:
  1. Corset x Floss
  2. Evelyn x Mintleaf
  3. Male x Corset (Suggested by Towel)
  4. Mudstar x Eike (Suggested by Towel)
  5. Gavin x Joke (Suggested by Towel)
  6. Eike x RainRain (Suggested by Kaleigh)
  7. Eike x Stickers (Suggested by Kaleigh)
  8. Carni x Sprite (Suggested by Kaleigh)
  9. Corset x Scooter (Suggested by Val)
  10. Meroche x Myron (Suggested by Val)

If you have any suggestions for litters between my own characters, go ahead and browse through my STASH and leave a comment below with the characters names and/or links. Keep in mind, some are related, so if you choose family members as a suggestion, i'll inform you. I won't breed family. uwu

Note to self:
Val gets a free breeding with any 20 point breeder she wants, or two 10 point breeders.
Cause I never did the breedings she requested with Glacier and Sanura.
Made a new journal because the comments on the last one had started to get confusing. @ A @

Anyways! Each one of these designs was adopted from somebody else quite some time ago, but sadly I have never gotten around to USING the designs, and I don't want them to rot. So i'm putting them back up for free! Just comment here with a link to the adopt, and what number they are if it's a sheet. Only 3 designs per person, please!

ALSO, please note, if there are multiple designs in a picture, I will have the numbers of which ones I own and am giving away as the name of the link. Some people were confused on the last journal, and kept asking for ones which I did not own.

You will have 24 hours (from the time I reply) to save and or favorite the designs. You MUST respond, telling me you did so. If you do not do either of these things within 24 hours, I will assume you do not want the designs, and they will remain open. In order to keep myself from getting confused, your comment will be hidden if this happens. You ARE free to ask for them again, provided they haven't been taken by somebody else, of course!!

(Also if you comment multiple times about generally the same thing, i'll hide most of those comments, save for one thread that i'll respond to. This way I don't get confused!! )

:bulletred: #6 here

I also have a few in my These ones had the ORIGINAL image removed, or the user no longer has an active account. Feel free to look through these ones as well to see if you want any! Just post a link in your comment!

I'll update this on occasion when I have more designs i'm giving away.
This journal is still a work in progress, but eventually it will be filled up with information on my original species that I have up for adoption!

Opticanis Species
  1. Each member is about 7 inches tall at the shoulders
  2. They watch for danger when they sleep using their tails eye
  3. They have a fascination with licking things, and have a long, thin tongue they use as a straw
  4. There are absolutely no males of this species
  5. They reproduce asexually, vomiting up a small egg, about an inch in height
  6. They CAN in fact reproduce with other species to create hybrids (Via collecting SOME sort of DNA sample with their tongue. Blood, skin, etc etc., will do. )
  7. They are omnivorous, meaning they can eat both meat and vegetation easily.
  8. The only way to get a male of this species is to breed them with something else and create a hybrid. Pure Opticanis are only female.
  9. The front paws only have 2 'toes' (One in front, and one behind that)
  10. Pointed ears are a mutation, unless they are a hybrid!
( Please obtain my permission before breeding them! )

Fleche Hounds do not have any information as of yet


- Give credit the first time you draw them
- I only do refunds if I cannot finish your custom/litter
- You can gift designs or return them, but do not re-sell them
- Spamming will result in a ban. Comment once, wait for a reply.



- Unless stated otherwise, all are first-come first-serve
- You have 48 hours to pay, or the design goes back up
- If you adopt an original species, ask before you breed it!



- You get up to 2 offspring per litter for free, extras must be bought
- You will have 48 hours to claim your offspring once complete, or they all go up for sale
- You have 24 hours to send points for any extras, or they get put back up
- The K.W. is Sunshine, by the way.
- Hand drawn offspring are pay-per-pup, and you get all of them



- Credit me for the lines
- Do not give out my P2U lines for free!


If you haven't been online within the time frames above, I'll wait up to 2 weeks until you are. Once you are, you have the above time frames to claim/pay.
If you're invisible or were online during then, if you don't respond/pay then the adopts go back up for sale.

Friends sometimes get discounts.
Kaleigh pretty much never has to pay cause she buys me IRL stuff a lot.
I sometimes accept art as payments, just ask.
If you need me to hold, ask. I can hold for 2 weeks.