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Just wanting to let you guys know that I will be retiring more of my breeders soon!
I'll probably put them up one more time before doing so, so keep a look out!

The ones that will probably be retired soon;

I might add more to the list later, we'll see.
But as I retire these guys, i'll be adding new breeders to the mix!
And i'm super excited to do that!
I decided to open a few free breeding slots.
There will be two slots each.




:bulletred:Each litter will have 2 offspring. You may choose 1 for free. The other will be 10 points.
:bulletred:You will have 48 hours to claim the litter, or the whole thing goes up for sale.
:bulletred: I don't do holds at all.

Leave a comment below with:
- Your characters name
- A link to your character
- Which breeder you want a slot with
Old adopts that I bought from various people, that I don't use.
Original creator in the description of each image.
First come, first serve.

Please comment on THIS journal with a link to the adopt you want.
If it says open, then it's open. Closed? Then it's closed.

  1. None!


  1. Raspberry x This one (x1) Sketched
  2. Raspberry x That one (x1) Sketched
  3. Harlowe x Zahi (x1) Sketched


  1. Egyptian themed Opticanis for Val

  • NONE

This journal is still a work in progress, but eventually it will be filled up with information on my original species that I have up for adoption!

Opticanis Species
  1. Each member is about 7 inches tall at the shoulders
  2. They watch for danger when they sleep using their tails eye
  3. They have a fascination with licking things, and have a long, thin tongue they use as a straw
  4. There are absolutely no males of this species
  5. They reproduce asexually, vomiting up a small egg, about an inch in height
  6. They CAN in fact reproduce with other species to create hybrids (Via collecting SOME sort of DNA sample with their tongue. Blood, skin, etc etc., will do. )
  7. They are omnivorous, meaning they can eat both meat and vegetation easily.
  8. The only way to get a male of this species is to breed them with something else and create a hybrid. Pure Opticanis are only female.
  9. The front paws only have 2 'toes' (One in front, and one behind that)
  10. Pointed ears are a mutation, unless they are a hybrid!
( Please obtain my permission before breeding them! )

Fleche Hounds do not have any information as of yet


- Credit me the first time you use the design.
I only give refunds if I can not finish your design/litter/etc.
Inform me if you re-sell the design or give it away. **
Adopts are first come first serve, unless stated otherwise.
You have 24 hours to pay, before the adopt is put back up for sale.
Always credit me when using my lines.

Alternate Payments:

- Art is sometimes accepted instead of points, just ask. Don't be upset if I say no, though.
- I rarely accept design trades, but you can offer anyways. I most likely will say no, but who knows.
- I don't accept Paypal for any adopts, sorry.
- If you have other payment ideas, go ahead and ask.

Other Things:

- I tend to give friends discounts and free adopts/breeding slots often.
The K.W. is Cowtail, by the way! Remember to write that when requested.
- I do hold, but only for an extra day. ( So 48 hours, instead of 24. )
- Also, if you adopt an original species of mine, please ask me before you breed it, okay? Thanks!

** = Unless it's one of my original species. Please do not re-sell those! You may give them back to me, however.

A Note For Friends:

- If your character is mates with my character, then you don't have to pay!
- Val doesn't have to pay for any litters if it's with Horror, I like doing litters with him. :'D
- Friends get free breedings with any of my retired breedables if they want.